High-Tech Treatment against Cellulite

Cellulite becomes noticeable when dents in the skin appear. This effect, frequently called “orange skin”, comes about when fat cells in the skin become visible. This weakness of the connective tissue is associated with a reduced metabolic process and reduced microcirculation.


A successful therapy thickens the skin, stretches the connective tissue strands and makes them more elastic, activates circulation and the lymph flow and reduces subcutaneous fat when needed to reduce the pressure in the tissue.


The following devices from FRISCH focus on the above mentioned points and have proven themselves in cellulite therapy. They achieve reliable results not only singularly but also in combination.


FRISCH is specialized in combined procedures, which complement and augment the processes.



Clients with a medical background can be instructed to self-treat.



VelaShape II:

Forms, tightens and reduces circumference

Tissue is heated with radiofrequency and infrared light, compressed with a vacuum and treated with revolving rollers. This high-tech, deep massage reduces fat and improves the skin structure sustainably. The first improvements are usually seen after 4 treatments. The effect builds up over the months. The effectiveness is documented by studies.


Where? Stomach, arms, legs, buttocks, calves, knees, back (back fat and love-handles).

How often? 6-10 treatments




Acoustic Wave Therapy strengthen weak connective tissue

With Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT® acoustic impulses are created and directed into the tissue. There they stimulate the microcirculation and metabolism, give the connective tissue septa more elasticity and stimulate the building of new blood vessels. Acoustic Waves release fatty acids and glycerin from the cell and support their removal through lymph fluid and the circulatory system. The resulting cascade of self-healing also rejuvenates and smooths the connective tissue. Randomized studies support the dermatological effect of AWT.


Where? Legs arms and buttock.

How often? 6-10 treatments.




Reduces the circumference of tough problem areas


TWL stands for Thixotropic Washout Lipolysis and is based on the LDM technology with high frequency ultrasound up to 10 MHz.


The Problem: Fat cells that are located in water-rich surroundings inactivate their ionic channels. In this condition the fat cells remain resistant to diet and sport. This problem is increased with cellulite and lipedema.

The Solution: TWL reduces the body circumference in 3 steps. Water that is bound to the gel in the celsl is converted to “free” water. This free water is transported out of the fatty tissue and the metabolically inactive cells are stimulated so that they can become available energy suppliers and react to dieting.


Where? Hips, legs, buttock and arms

How often? 6-10 treatments




Strengthens skin and muscles, reduces the circumference

Neurotris is a medical device for EMS application (Electro Muscle Stimulation). The current activates the nerves, which contract the muscles resulting in rapid muscle development. But not only do the muscles benefit, all of the tissue has a better blood supply, the ATP values are increased, the protein synthesis is improved, the skin becomes tighter and smoother.


Up to 32 electrodes can be placed on the body at the same time. One application on the stomach and waist is equivalent to 400 sit-ups. The client decides on the intensity of the EMS treatment.


Where? Arms, stomach, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees and calves.

How Often? 1-2 treatments per week up to the desired muscle development or up to the desired tissue improvement.

Acoustic Wave Therapy ( AWT ) for cellulite.

Prior the treatment with AWT

After 6 treatments with AWT