Anti-Aging Mix against Cellulite and Fat Pads

FRISCH Body combines up to 6 high-tech procedures in 1 treatment for a firm and slender body.

FRISCH Body contains a selection of various procedures, which can firm your skin and remove fat. The combination of these procedures will be adapted individually according to your needs. Frisch Body can be applied to the entire body.


FRISCH Body is the right choice for all zones, whether with jodhpurs, or tummy, hips, love handles, knees, calves, legs or upper arms. FRISCH Body will be the ideal mix of procedures that is customized for you.


FRISCH Body combines your individual program from the following procedures: Cryolipolysis (fat removal with controlled cooling), VelaShape (radio frequency including vacuum massage), LDM high frequency ultrasound (pulsing ultrasound with an extra-large applicator), Thixotropic Washout Lipolysis (TWL circumference reduction with ultrasound technology up to 10MHz) and NEUROTRIS electro muscle stimulation for skin and muscle development, acoustic wave therapy (AWT for in depth development and regeneration of tissue).


FRISCH Body enables targeted figure forming and skin firming.