CO2 against Cellulite and Wrinkles – Carboxytherapy

For decades Carboxytherapy has been used to treat cellulite, stretch marks, scars and dark circles under the eyes. Today Carboxytherapy is also used to reduce fat and has shown great success in pain therapy.

Medical grade carbon dioxide is introduced into the skin and connective tissue via micro-injections, which immediately increases circulation providing oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and improving lymph drainage. This results in the release of endogenic growth factors, which sustainably improve the quality of the tissue.


Studies have shown that circulation improves, the skin becomes more elastic, collagen production is boosted and fine lines and wrinkles are diminished. Due to the activated metabolism fat deposits can also be targeted and reduced.


For over 80 years CO2 has been used to improve circulation. Since each cell produces CO2, the body can handle the gas well. The blood transports the CO2 to the lungs where it is exhaled. There are no known risks and no concerns of allergic reactions.


Carboxytherapy shows success in hard to treat areas such as around the eyes, resilient cellulite on legs, arms and buttocks and with scars. This therapy can be applied to the entire body including for example on the scalp.


Several treatments are necessary. The frequency depends on the condition of the tissue and its capacity for regeneration.