Electro Muscle Stimulation for Muscle Development and
Skin Tightening



Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has been used in medicine and physiotherapy for numerous years in order to build muscles after injury or activate paralyzed muscles after a stroke.


A low stimulation current activates the nerves, which contracts the muscles without moving the muscle actively. FRISCH uses the EMS systems from CACI and NEUROTRIS. Both are used for the face and the body.


Non-Surgical Face lifting

Increased muscle tone gives the face distinctive contours and firm tissue. The developed muscles work against the age-related volume loss in a natural way. Circulation and lymph flow also improve, which can have a positive effect on under the eye bags. ATP, the fuel of the cells, is increased and collagen synthesis is activated. This results in fewer wrinkles and improves skin structure. The rosy complexion allows the face, neck and décolleté to glow again. EMS also improves the symptoms of acne.


EMS at Home for Self-Treatment

FRISCH recommends the EMS-home-device to support the continuation of the facial muscle training. You can obtain information on introduction to using EMS-home-devices by calling FRISCH 056 536 16 03.


NEUROTRIS – Personal Trainer and "Miracle Machine"

The American Vogue described the very effective NEUROTRIS as "the Miracle Machine". This enthusiasm comes from the reduction in size that can be achieved with only one Neurotris treatment. Thus the intensive muscle contractions on the stomach and lower back lead to a measurable slimmer waist.


Depending on the choice of frequency, the fat cells will be depleted, fat reduction promoted or muscles developed. 32 electrodes can be placed on the body at the same time. In a series of at least 6 sessions, buttock, upper arms, legs and back are treated.


Technological Advantages of NEUROTRIS

NEUROTRIS’ Constant Waveform Morphology (C.W.M.) guarantees that the signal waves maintain their efficient wave form despite the electrical resistance of the skin (body impedance).

Electro Muscle Stimulation to build facial muscles and activate the skin. Procedure Neurotris and CACI (see photo).