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Skin need not necessarily age since activated cells have less wrinkles.
 FRISCH combines anti-aging know-how and high tech procedures for a radiant skin at any age.
No need to resign yourself to subcutaneous fat. FRISCH has procedures at their disposal for non-surgical fat removal and skin tightening to gently and efficiently optimize your silhouette.


You will find us at the Römerhof, Image Beauty Castle, Asylstrasse 66, 8032 Zurich.

Tram 3 and 8 (direction "Klusplatz"). Use Tram 3 from Zurich main station (direction "Klusplatz"),

Tram 8 from station Stadelhofen and Hardbrücke (direction "Klusplatz").

Parking at Römerhof, Konkordiastrasse, Sonnhaldenstrasse etc.

FRISCH – beauty from knowledge 




Danijela Schenker

Nutrition and beauty Guru
Intensive care nurse

Claudine Friderich

Business Economist

Our focus is on the skin and the figure.  We follow the technological developments in the area of Cosmetic surgery, dermatology and apparatus technology, we research, read professional journals, attend congresses and choose only the most efficient non-surgical and minimally invasive methods for you. 


Thanks to a versatile combination of apparatus, we can approach almost all skin and figure problems successfully.


Accompanying medical support by Dr. med. Paul Friderich, laboratory medicin FAMH



Care products: not without Retinol!


Convincing and scientifically documented anti-aging results are seen with high-dose Retinol (Vitamin A 1) for daily skin care. Retinol continues to be the “gold standard” in anti-aging.


Precise user instructions, which are adapted to each skin type enable the initial use of Retinol with minimal side effects.


FRISCH offers a selection of exclusive brands such as ZO Skin Health und ZO Medical by Dr. Zein Obagi as well as Time Block or ORALIFT.


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ZO Product line with Retinol

Supplements for the skin



FRISCH GmbH - Institute for Skin and Figure

Asylstrasse 66

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Tram 3 and 8 (direction "Klusplatz") station Römerhof

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