3D Skin Tightening with INFINI


Skin tightening and scar remodeling by means of fractional radiofrequency with micro-needling (MFR) and superficial fractional radiofrequency (SFR).


INFINI from Lutronic is used for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and scar correction of the face and the entire body. INFINI tightens facial contours, chin, neck and décolleté, lifts eyebrows, refines the skin, corrects pigment disorders, minimizes pores and decreases wrinkles. Infini is also applicable for acne and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). 


INFINI can be used all over the body. It tightens loose skin on upper arms, inner thighs, as well as limp skin on stomach and legs. INFINI is one of the most effective devices against stretch marks.


FDA Approved

INFINI is one of the few fractional RF devices with needling that has been approved by the strict FDA (Food & Drug Administration, USA). Infini is being used in Europe as well as in USA, Asia and South America and presents consistent, well documented results.


Two independent treatments

INFINI is a fractional radiofrequency system combined with needling. Fractional means that the energy is distributed in small amounts. With INFINI two independent treatments can be carried out.

1) Fractional radiofrequency with micro-needling as well as 2) superficial fractional radio frequency.


1) Fractional radiofrequency with micro-needling (MFR)

As opposed to other radiofrequency devises that treat the skin with radiofrequency from the outside, INFINI utilizes microneedles to percutaneously deliver the radiofrequency energy inside the dermis accurately and in a controlled fashion. The selective release of RF energy through the isolated needles directly into the tissue avoids thermal damage to the skin surface.


Treatment in 3-D: During the treatment several passes into various skin layers are performed thus allowing a 3-dementional skin treatment. With the radiofrequency energy the injection punctures are immediately sealed, thus promoting rapid healing.


Skin tightening and collagen neosynthesis: The coagulation level is precisely controlled through the application of micro-needles. Proteins become denatured in the coagulation zone causing collagen shrinkage and subsequently skin tightening. Further, heating stimulates collagen neosystheses.


Flow-Needling Technology: An additional advantage of INFINI is the “Flow-Needling Technology” whereby the micro-needles are activated in succession, one row after the next. This serial introduction of the needles improves the treatment comfort and is easier on the tissue.


2) Superficial fractional radiofrequency (SFR)

Superficial fractional radiofrequency corresponds to the function of the E-Matrix SFR using two channels that are combined in order to achieve epidermal ablation (removal) and superficial skin coagulation.​                        .


The first channel emits controlled photothermic energy to the upper dermis in order to activate the collagen and improve skin tightening.


The second channel causes a micro ablation in the upper layers of the epidermis and a gentle coagulation for a controlled fractional ablation and skin rejuvenation with minimally invasive RF emission. 


Self-healing powers and cell activation: INFINI stimulates the self-healing powers from deep within and increases the growth of collagen. The results of this unique technology are clinically proven. Results can be seen with different skin types and improve continuously for an additional 3-9 months.


High-dose vitamins – doping for the skin

As with all skin rejuvenation procedures pre- and post-treatment with high-dose vitamins enhances the tolerance for the procedure and supports the repair mechanisms that are activated by the procedure.


Side effects: slight swelling and redness.

Skin tightening in 3-D: Radiofrequency energy is emitted in different layers through the needles.