Cryolipolysis – Get rid of fat with controlled cooling


The medical cryolipolysis devices from FRISCH are suitable for almost every problem area thanks to seven different attachments. Special elongated attachments for arms and legs, a smaller attachments for a double chin, back-fat or for knobs around the knees make optimal results possible.


Since 2009 it is possible to disintegrate fat padding in specific regions by controlled cooling in a non-invasive manner. An attachment (applicator) cools the desired area in a controlled fashion until the fat cells solidify. Part of the crystallized cells cease their activity (apoptosis) and are broken down and absorbed by the body over a period of several weeks. The layer of fat of the treated area is reduced by 20-25% on the average. 


Figure forming and optimizing

Cryolipolysis is mostly used for the reduction of subcutaneous fat padding (fat under the skin) on stomach, hips, upper arms and legs (Jodhpur thighs and knobs around the knees). This method is suited for treatment around the chin, back (back fat, love-handles) and calves. In principle almost all fat deposits can be reduced that are localized under the skin and can be grasped by hand.


A non-surgical procedure

Immediately after the procedure it is possible to resume your usual activities without restrictions. Since cooling numbs the nerves the treatment is painless. Slight skin reddening, swelling and pressure-sensitivity normally disappear after a few days or weeks.


Cryolyposisis can be repeated as needed. Two to three area can be treated at the same time.


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Treatment zones Cryolipolysis:

Evening out Jodhpur thighs after cryolipolysis treatment on thighs.Left:  before  Right: after

Cryolypolysis for upper and lower stomach.

Left:  before  Right: after