Gentle Light Therapy: LLLT with Healite

Light from light emitting diodes for gentle anti-aging and instant wellbeing.

An even skin structure, more collagen, better circulation and fewer wrinkles could be achieved with light therapy. The procedure is called Low-Level-Light Therapy (LLLT) also called cold laser or LED Photomodulation.


LLLT with Healite is a gentle method that can be implemented in the medical and aesthetic areas. Healite utilizes selected wave lengths of light to achieve different therapeutic effects. Healite is used for wounds and pain, for muscle and joint pain as well as for acne and to promote hair growth.


The light from special light emitting diodes (LED) is absorbed by the skin, promotes more cell energy in the cell (ATP) and inhibits enzymes that contribute to skin aging and reduction of collagen. This leads to a visible improvement of the skin structure and a revitalized complexion.


Healite works without generating much heat, it is non-invasive, non-ablative and there is no down time.


The relaxing bath in light and warmth is experienced as pleasant and has an enhancing effect on your mood – a “mini vacation” to recharge the batteries of your skin.


Depending on your goal, 1-2 treatments per week are recommended up to 8 times or more.