Rejuvenated, Radiant Skin with Micro-Needling


As a needling specialist, FRISCH offers medical micro-needling, radiofrequency needling, cosmetic micro-needling and a course for cosmetic, self-needling for home use.


Micro-needling is an established procedure for improving skin appearance and skin rejuvenation. It is used for wrinkles, especially around the eyes and lips, slack skin, pigment spots, scars, stretch marks and signs of aging skin. The skin is punctured with minute needles in order to induce a self-healing process.


With this scientifically documented procedure, cells are activated to build a new, elastic and even collagen framework (remodeling). The increased cell growth further leads to a denser and more resistant skin. Micro-needling improves the skin elasticity, the moisture content, the circulation and gives the skin a youthful glow. Since micro-needling does not lead to alteration in pigmentation, it is also well suited for darker pigmented skin.

Medical Micro-Needling
As a medical procedure micro-needling must be performed carefully and under sterile conditions. The success of the procedure is especially dependent on the choice of active substances that are incorporated into the skin during and after the treatment. Vitamin A plays a key role and should not be missing in daily skin care. For more information see the section ZO Skin Health & ZO Medical on our homepage. We recommend 4-6 medical micro-needling treatments at an interval of 4-6 weeks.

Cosmetic Micro-needling at HomeCosmetic micro-needling can be performed more frequently than the medical - even daily depending on the needle length used. It is therefore predestined for home use. FRISCH will show you how to needle like a professional and achieve maximum treatment success thanks to optimal treatment intervals and choice of ingredients. You will needle yourself at FRISCH with instructions and can then correctly use the apparatus (electric pen or derma-roller) at home. Further information on self-needling can be obtained under 079 194 52 08.

Fractional Radiofrequency with Needling (MFR)

Radiofrequency with Needling stands for intensive anti-aging treatments with a pronounced lifting effect. More info under Infini MFR.

Micro-needling exploits the genetically possible potential of the skin.