When the jawline loses definition

The jawline does not get much attention. The nasolabial folds are injected with fillers, the cheeks plumped, and lips optimized but the weakening jawline is overlooked. However, a clearly defined jawline is an important feature of looking attractive. The face should be separated from the neck with a clear line.

As time goes by the cheeks start to slide down and forward and tissue starts to collect around the jawline, the transition to the neck is no longer distinct. What happened?

Over the years all processes slow down and a general degradation takes place. The blood supply to the skin declines by half at middle age. This affects all cells but in particular the fat cells, which are dependent on good circulation. Therefore the supporting lipoid pads diminish continuously. The connective tissue also loses firmness. Even the bones are affected, it‘s hard to believe, but this deterioration starts in the twenties. At middle age an additional loss in volume can be seen.

Activate and tighten the skin daily

Prevention is half the battle! It is easier to prevent the skin from slackening than to wake hanging tissue from hibernation. If the cells are activated daily, a slight three-dimensional firming will always take place. Our cells should remain diligent, have better circulation and produce more collagen. Creams and serums containing Retinol are ideal for this. In addition oily skin should be washed well, scrubbed and properly degreased: (Wash, Scrub, Oil control).

Effective home treatment

In order to achieve a stronger anti-aging effect, the frequent use of home treatments is recommended. Self-treatment, daily or numeral times a week is a good strategy. Even if the jawline is in focus, the entire face should be treated. Because when the entire face is activated, the cheeks sag less and the jawline remains better defined.

A powerful combination: self-treatment and Retinol

Skin pre-treated with Retinol and activated with home devices will react better to treatments in a practice. There are less side effects since the skin becomes more stable and less sensitive. Further, treatments in a practice function better because activated skin possesses a better self-healing capacity.

Micro-Needling at home

Microneedling is an effective anti-aging procedure. The skin is punctured with micro-fine needles, the skin reacts with a self-healing cascade, which brings about new collagen and an even complexion. When applied correctly, microneedling at home is very efficient. Needling is done on the surface with a needle length of approx. 0.2mm. After 2 weeks the first success is visible, but microneedling is more impressive after a long-term application.

Mechanical dermaroller or electric microneedling pen? – That is the question. We, the authors, use the dermaroller mostly for the body and seldom for the face. With the electric microneedling pen we needle the face, neck and décolleté. The electric pens generate many punctures in a very short time, they are effective and efficient. Furthermore the small needle heads reach the areas that dermarollers have a hard time reaching, for example around the eyes.

Developing muscles with electric current

With Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) you can train facial muscles. Larger muscles like the cheek muscles can be built up and delicate structures stimulated. EMS has a positive influence on the ATP production in the skin, this means that the cells have more energy for all processes. EMS must be applied correctly. One must know which muscles to stimulate in order to influence problem areas in a positive way.

Almost like in the practice

You can work almost like a professional with sophisticated home-devices. What comes to mind for example, is the home-version of the Acoustic Wave Therapy device (AWT) from Storz Medical AG. The acoustic waves massage the tissue in depth. The AWT improves the micro-circulation, stretches and relaxes the muscles, builds collagen and allows lymph drainage. Other devices such as laser or ultrasound are also suitable as home-devices.

The advantage of home-devices is that you can incorporate the treatment into your schedule and thus use the device more frequently. All home treatment are very effective especially in long term applications. Combining the regular self-treatments with Retinol creams is even more effective. Home applications like sport must be carried out regularly.

The effort does not have to be huge, but repetitive and at intervals are suited to the procedure. If you wait too long for the next treatment the established result is perhaps totally lost and you can start from the beginning. If you continue treatment at the right time, within the zone of relaxation, the effect can cumulate so that the tissue shows more improvement.

Replacing volume with hyaluronic acid

Loss of volume in bones and tissue as well as surplus skin leads to dents that produce bothersome shadows and disrupt the jawline. Such shadows go mostly unnoticed but when removed you appear fresher and in a classical sense more perfect.

Small irregularities can be compensated with hyaluronic acid. If dents in the chin are filled, a slightly receding chin is built up or a crooked nose corrected. When well filled, the corrections are not apparent to others. A true “filler-artist” recognizes the characteristic beauty of every person and refines it. He softens or rectifies problem zones and optimizes proportions gently. The goal should be not to look different, but rather fresher, more attractive.

Poorly “filled” the patient loses his face in the true sense of the word.

Removing chin fat

With younger people the tissue at the jawline is usually firm enough not to create problems or cast shadows. But fat accumulation at the side of the chin, “jowls”, or under the chin “double chin” are disturbing. Such fat pads can be reduced with different procedures in a non-invasive manner. Some procedures employ cold, such as cryolipolysis. Procedures that function with heat use radio frequency or ultra sound. When the fat pads on the chin are smoothed a defined jawline can again be seen.

Less strawberry chin

A structural change in the tissue called „strawberry chin“ is often noticed in middle-aged women. The skin has course pores, wrinkles and sometimes cauliflower-like rifts and bumps.

Further, a constant muscle tightness becomes noticeable in the chin that reinforces the “strawberry” effect. An Inflamed condition of the skin can also play a part, which additionally worsens the quality of the skin.

Botox can diminish the muscle tightness so that the affected skin looks smoother. We have discovered that microneedling can also smooth and improve the structure. Furthermore, pre and post-treatment with Retinol have a positive effect on possible inflammation and skin structure.

More tightening

In some cases a surgical lifting is the only possibility to deal with too much and loose skin. However a successful face-lifting is not to be taken for granted. If you have seen good results either on yourself or in your circle of friends, please let us know the name of the surgeon.

A significant tightening effect can be achieved with non-invasive procedures such as radio frequency or needling.