Misunderstood anti-aging

I don’t need anti-aging, my wrinkles are part of me! Are you familiar with such statements? This is usually followed by a passionate speech on the acceptance of wrinkles, spots and flabby skin. As if signs of facial aging would be a species worthy of protection. What is so desirable about skin aging? We find that anti-aging for the skin is not a battle against age, but rather measures for a healthy and attractive skin.

For years cleaning and taking care of our teeth so that they will last longer is taken for granted. We also look after the calluses on our feet so that we can walk well. We take care of our dry hair, we color it so that it looks nice. We go to the hair dresser when it becomes unruly. But when our facial skin starts to slacken, become wrinkled and spotted, we consider this normal and unavoidable and do nothing about it. The “blemished map” on your face doesn’t bother anyone and is defended by sayings like “aging gracefully”.

Sighs of aging are not only an esthetic problems. Spotted, reddened, coarse skin that is dry and sensitive clearly shows that the skin’s protective function is reduced. Healthy skin is less susceptible to all diseases that can develop with time. Malfunctions such as hypersensitivity, reddening, inflammations, dryness or pustules even up to Rosacea don’t have much of a chance with a healthy skin.

The best anti-aging is a healthy skin. Only healthy skin is truly beautiful. And beautiful skin is possible. Today many options are at your disposal starting with sun-screen, highly concentrated substances as well as combined procedures from peeling, microneedling, radiofrequency, laser, ultrasound, LLLT etc.