Intelligent Anti-Aging

If over time the skin shows changes, spots appear, inflammation, skin becomes slack, wrinkles form - this means that your skin’s health is diminished. The skin’s metabolism has slowed down, skin damage has built up and the skin is less able to perform its protective function.

You can counteract this gradual development by training and coaxing your skin to stimulate its metabolic processes and build up a denser skin with better circulation. In short: this calls for effective anti-aging.

An intelligent treatment concept is the be-all and end-all for efficient anti-aging. It’s about using the appropriate procedure for a particular skin-type in the correct intensity at correct treatment intervals. Anti-aging can be compared to body building. The more muscles you want to build and the more dramatic the effect should be, the more important it is to have a cleverly devised training and nutrition plan. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t become Mr. Universe by randomly fidgeting with dumbbells. This also holds true for the skin: The more the skin is to be rejuvenated, the more important is the treatment concept.

The road to a beautiful skin in 3 steps

The ideal to strive for is a healthy, beautiful skin. Let’s have a look at the characteristics of healthy skin as described by the anti-aging dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi. Healthy skin has a soft structure, is moisturized, firm, has an even complexion, is not sensitive and is free from skin diseases. How can you have such skin, or how can you get it back if you once had it? The three steps described below show an effective and safe way to beautiful skin. A combination of at least two procedures is necessary. Additional possibilities in relation to nutrition or lifestyle are not mentioned here.

1) Apply vitamin serums

An effective anti-aging concept aims at daily skin cell activation, which can be attained comfortably with high-dosage vitamin serums. This means instead of a moisturizer with low-dosage or no ingredients, apply vitamin serums mornings and evenings that actually work.

Give Retinol a chance

Do yourself a favor, get your skin accustomed to high-dosage vitamin A, resp. Retinol. Schwanzeneger also trained with dumbbells of steel not with cotton balls. The initial skin reaction for which Retinol is notorious can be reduced with a little skill and can disappear completely with time. The widespread Retinol-bashing can be ignored, as long as it is only applied topically. When taken orally, caution must be exercised since over dosage is possible (ask your doctor). Fear of Retinol leads to a reflex-avoidance of Retinol in creams by most people and a lifelong contentment with poorer skin quality than absolutely necessary. Retinol users on the other hand, belong to the privileged minority of well-informed contemporaries, who bask in compliments and like to say that the flawless skin comes from the “good genes” of their ancestors.

2) Treat yourself like a professional

Do it yourself, treat yourself to a professional procedure. Choose an efficient procedure that you can do at home. It must have a regenerative effect and you must be able to do it frequently - once or even more times per week. With this you can really stimulate your skin processes and collagen production and keep the process going continually. With numerous procedures you increase the effect. Obtain detailed information, you should be familiar with the procedure and apply it like a professional. Know-how is always decisive for the outcome.

Chose regenerative procedures

With your choice of a home procedure, above all make sure that you do not harm your skin and that you retain the skin’s function. At FRISCH we sometimes see skin that developed scar tissue caused by too many procedures on a too young skin and in part incorrect utilization of procedures and laser treatments. Here the important keyword is: regenerative procedures.

Our Tip: Micro-Needling for home use

Micro-needling is a very effective, regenerative procedure that has advantages for many users. Choose a needle depth of approx. 0.2 mm, which equates to a cosmetic micro-needling. If you use a longer needle length you risk doing too much, resp. working too intensely. Again the comparison to sport: if you train too intensely you don’t build muscles, you reduce them. Your skin also needs the right degree of training and recovery, you must plan enough time for regeneration. Intensity and intervals must be coordinated so that the skin can improve steadily.

If you choose too lengthy periods of rest between treatments, you lose the training effect completely and need to start all over again. Training muscles once a month is not much use. A cosmetic micro-needling (0.2 mm) every 4 to 6 weeks, is clearly not enough. The skin structure will improve slightly, but you will not be able to eliminate wrinkles. Moreover you relinquish the benefits of the treatment, namely the cumulated effect attained by frequent application and the facilitated penetration of ingredients.

If you prefer to be treated, there is nothing that speaks against having a weekly micro-needling treatment done. For most micro-needling fans this is however not realistic, which is why we recommend doing cosmetic home-needling.

Again, correctly applied micro-needling, resp. cosmetic micro-needling, can be very effective, especially in combination with the above mentioned vitamin serums.

3) Bring your skin to a higher level

Force your skin to an activated level by integrating phases of intensive treatments. Whether with medical needling, ablative procedure, heat application etc. now and again you force your skin to a higher cascade of self-healing. The newly achieved collagen level and other improvements that you attained must be upheld by maintaining your usual home routine (as describe: high-dosage vitamin serums daily and professional procedures at home numerous times a week).

The younger the gentler

The effect of anti-aging measures is greatly dependent on the age of the skin. Here it is less a question of the person’s age, but rather how old the skin looks and how the skin functions. Young skin that also looks young has a higher repair capability, it reacts faster and better to anti-aging measures. Younger skin also responds well to daily applied vitamin serums. If needed a skin rejuvenating procedure in a practice can help. For special occasions short-term you can “coach” your skin with a light peelings, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation or yes - with micro-needling.

Wrinkles are not an issue with young skin. But you should place great value upon not damaging the skin with excessively intense procedures as mentioned above. Be careful with strong ablative techniques (deep peeling done by dummies) or procedures that generate excessive heat (laser done by dummies).

The older the cleverer

Older skin, respectively skin that looks older needs a more intense treatment in order to show a significant anti-aging effect. At the same time older skin requires a greater know-how of the person treating it, since older skin is usually more sensitive than younger skin. Thoroughly preparing the skin with vitamin serums lessens the chance of side effects and increases the effects of the procedure. At every age, Retinol is an important and effective substance for the skin. Improvements of the skin quality are possible at almost every age.

We are pleading for rethinking: gentle anti-aging procedures should be selected that can be applied frequently over many years in order to maintain a radiant skin your entire life.