Don’t be afraid of Micro-Needling

Yes, Micro-Needling actually does make small punctures in the skin. That sounds much more dramatic than it is since they are only micro-fine channels that seal immediately.

2 Effect-Mechanisms lead to younger skin

But you probably ask yourself why would you want to puncture the skin. In the area of aesthetic medicine numerous methods of controlled, minute inflammations are generated to trigger the self-healing process of the skin. A so called cascade of tissue repair is initiated. Molecular neurotransmitters such as growth factors are released, which initiate a regeneration (remodeling) of the connective tissue. Plainly more skin cells are produced and they work more diligently and qualitatively better. The skin becomes fine-pored, firmer, smoother and more vibrant. An additional positive effect of needling is that the skin tone becomes even because the skin’s pigmentation (melanin) is distributed more evenly in the skin.

An additional Micro-Needling highlight is that thanks to the micro channels highly effective substances can be brought directly “into” the skin that under normal circumstances are not able to cross the skin barrier. Vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements, amino acids, glycosaminoglycan, peptides etc. increase the effect of needling and can be applied specifically in therapy. The choice of the active ingredients is based on the indication and is individually customized. Acne required different active ingredients than wrinkled, slack skin or even rosacea

Versatile Micro-Needling

Micro-Needling can do much more than “just“ rejuvenate the skin. It is successfully implemented in treating acne, rosacea, keratosis pilaris (sandpaper skin) pigment disorders, telangiectasia (spider veins) actinic keratosis (skin changes), cellulite, scar correction and treatment of stretch marks or vitiligo and much more. The treatment spectrum of needling is ever increasing.

Healing without scars for beautiful skin

Micro-Needling is a regenerative procedure. Studies have shown that correctly performed Micro-Needling leads to healing without scars with increased collagen production. The broad application possibilities of this gentle procedure and its effectiveness make Micro-Needling unique. It is suitable for all skin types and skin colors.

Micro-Needling has been used in medicine and aesthetics for the past 20 years. The technique continues to evolve in both the application as well as instrument engineering. Electric needling devices such as the Needling-Pen “Dermapen” displaced the original dermaroller. Especially since the Pen enables access to areas that are difficult to reach such as around the eyes and nose. The electric Pens are very effective and painless.

Freddy Felix’s L.A. Facelift

A new level of needling has been reached with Freddy Felix’s L.A. Facelift. Here the treatment is large-scale and the scalp is included in the needling to obtain an extensive lifting effect.