Ultrasound LDM & TWL

LDM® Ultrasound (Local Dynamic Micromassage) is a new and effective ultrasonic treatment method since different sound frequencies can be mixed and merged into a new ultrasonic wave. This exerts a more intense effect on the connective tissue than conventional ultrasonic treatments. FRISCH works with a special, large ultrasonic attachment enabling a broader application.

2 Technical Advantages

LMD ultrasound is a versatile, high-tech device that is primarily used in aesthetics for wrinkle treatment, skin tightening and improving the skin’s appearance.
Dissolving small pads of fat on the chin (double chin) or jowls for example are also suitable areas of LDM ultrasonic applications.

Moreover LDM ultrasound has a frequency that is ideal for treating skin thanks to its minimal penetration. This high frequency ultrasound up to 10 MHz together with the LDM technology influence the essential molecules for modern anti-aging such as matrix metalloproteinases, heat-shock-proteins and hyaluronans.


The 3 Operating Principles

Beside the advantages of the LMD technology and high frequency ultrasound up to 10MHz the effect is based on the three classical operation principles of ultrasonic applications.


Chemical Effect: Rejuvenates the skin by converting defective collagen links into new, flawless links. Furthermore cell energy (ATP) is increased and the skin revitalized through chemical reactions in the collagen phase.


Mechanical Effect: A micro-massage in the tissue is achieved through mechanical pressure. Fibroblasts and collagen metabolism are stimulated, the epidermis becomes better organized, which leads to even moisture distribution and lets the skin appear hydrated and plumped. Overall, the skin elasticity is increases, the connective tissue is tightened and the muscles tonified.

Thermal Effect: The ultrasonic energy is converted to heat thus promoting circulation and lymph transport as well as activating metabolism.


For Face and Body

LMD ultrasound is used for the face, neck and décolleté as well as stomach, legs, hips, back and arms. The most important areas of application are skin rejuvenation, skin tightening as well as wrinkle removal and body circumference reduction -see the following under TWL body treatment. Couperose, acne, eczema and rosacea are also treated.


TWL body treatment reduces the circumference of buttocks, hips and legs

TWL (Thixotropic Washout Lipolysis) was developed specially for diet and sport resistant fat deposits on hips, buttocks and legs. This procedure is based on LDM technology with high frequency ultrasound up to 10 MHz.


The problem: Fat cells that are located in water-rich surroundings inactivate their ionic channels. In this condition the fat cells are resistant to diet and sport. This problem is increased by changes in fatty tissue and connective tissue such as in Lipedema.


The solution: TWL reduces the body circumference in 3 steps. 1) Water that is bound to the gel in the cell is converted to "free" water. 2) This free water is transported out of the fatty tissue and 3) the metabolically inactive cells are stimulated so that they can become available energy suppliers and react to dieting.


The TWL method is based on the studies and findings of Dr. I. Kruglikov, Wellcomet GmbH, and Dr. K. Hoffmann, Ruhr University, Bochum in regard to fatty tissue structure, resistant fat deposits and the problem of body circumference formation.