ZO® Skin Health & ZO® Medical with Retinol


Starting at age 25 the skin becomes 1% thinner each year, the circulation decreases continuously and the skin absorb moisture to a lesser extent. Since the skin cycles slow down, collagen is produced more slowly, wrinkles become deeper, pigmentation changes and age spots become more apparent. The skin loses its even complexion and brilliance and looks agitated and matted. Such manifold symptoms can only be subdued if you can again manage to accelerated cell processes and activated the cell.


ZO Skin Health & ZO Medical

Retinol belongs to the vitamin A group. It has been proven to activate cellular processes and increases the collagen content of the skin. Skin becomes thicker, moister, and pores become finer, complexion becomes even and wrinkles become smoother.

ZO Skin Health & ZO Medical contain high doses of Retinol and additional scientifically proven anti-aging substances such as vitamins, anti-oxidants, peptides and growth-factors.


Loosening the skin barrier with needling

The skin is a natural barrier that not only deters bacteria, viruses and fungi but also impedes the penetration of anti-aging compounds. ZO products contain transport-systems that bring Retinol into the skin. Further, the skin barrier can be temporarily loosened by needling. You can obtain more information on micro-needling or self-needling on our homepage under micro-needling.


Initial Retinol-Reddening

High dosage Retinol causes reddening in the beginning. FRISCH accompanies first-time users through the adaptation phase and establishes a treatment plan for all skin types. Call for a free skin consultation 056 536 16 03.

ZO Skin Health und ZO Medical are successful product lines that also contain high-dosage Retinol. FRISCH creates application protocols and accompanies clients through the adaptation phase.